Master Bedroom Ensuite

A very spacious room with a king-size bed.  It boasts a very modern en-suite bathroom with shower, sink, bidet toilet  (as does the other bathroom). The sink,  is a block of local black Serpentine stone carved from the rocks of the nearby Alps. This room can also be used as a family or group living room if preferred. Alternatively, two extra singles or a couch bed can be added on request still leaving ample space for all four guests. An ideal room for parents with younger children. There are wonderful views from three sides,  light is plentiful. It is decorated with a refurbished antique wardrobe and a more modern dresser which serves as a desk too. Simple antique furnishings are used to complete the atmosphere of the old farmstead, guaranteeing a cozy and authentic experience.

The Alpini Room

This room has been named after the Alpini,  the Alpine regiment who were engaged in protecting the borders of Italy in past times. But also because the view directs your gaze straight up to the mountains. You are on a 200m level looking towards a 2400m peak. This range is the "Grigne" and is world-famous for rock-climbing and excursions. This room has either a double bed or two singles depending on your preference.  The wardrobe is the first original piece from the house that has been restored and looks amazing despite it's 150 years.

The Guzzi Room

Named after the incredible "Guzzi" motorbikes. It is an unusual choice of name but the original factory is based in Mandello del Lario as they started their production over 100 years ago and continues to produce till this day. This is a spacious double room with the possibility of adding a cot or single bed on request. The special feature in this room is  the original wattling which was uncovered in the walls whilst renovating the building. All details which indicate the past have been preserved as much as possible so that our house is a living, breathing testimony, representing our forefathers and their style of life.

The Barbarossa Kitchen

Named after the stunning view of the medieval tower which dates back to at least 1169. The Germanic Emperor Barbarossa is said to have sojourned here in that year. You can have coffee on the balcony as the first sun-shine casts it's rays here.  A large round table is placed in one corner of the kitchen, it can seat six guests comfortably.  The cooking island can seat three more on highstools as your delegated chef of the day prepares the meal.  This kitchen is well supplied with the essential dishes, pans, cutlery and plates. Of course, if you need any-thing else, we will do our best to accomodate you.

Please be aware that we have a total of 2 king-size, 1 double, 1 double couch bed and 2 single -beds which can be moved according to your wishes. A cot is available for babies on request.


The Artist's Den

Adjacent to the garden, the snug den is the perfect place to relax outdoors even if it should rain. This area is undercover and was once the milking shed for the cows.  Dotted with a few cosy intimate tables, it gives the impression of a quaint Mediterranean coffee shop.  Called the artist's den because it is now used for activities such as painting, pottery and weaving courses. Some watercolour paintings, hanging here and there, add a vibrant touch to the whole ambience. This is a really romantic spot to share a bottle of chilled wine by candlelight.

The Barn

The barn is on the first floor above the den. It is also undercover but open air. The long wooden table can seat a group of 10 adequately. During the hot Summer evenings, the cool mountain air sweeps along the back of the mountain arriving in this spot. It's a touch of natural air-conditioning which is much appreciated if you are preparing to dine "Al Fresco"  in the veranda kitchen with two hobs  (8 rings) just next to the table. This too is a romantic setting that almost outshines the Den. It depends on your taste of course!

The Garden

The garden has been carefully planned to offer the best options to suit all guests; a big lawn for children to play, cosy nooks for sunbathing;  a vegetable plot with access to herbs for cooking. The chicken coup with our feathered residents; four chickens and a wild duck who checked in one Summer and forgot to check out. The entire garden has been planned to integrate flowers, shrubs and trees in a splendid combination of colour and taste that pleases the eye and offers a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.  The barbeque area is in the garden, for your use if you tire of the other cooking areas.



The house is immersed in the country-side, on the edge of the medieval
Hamlet of Maggiana. It is truely a breath of fresh air, in every sense
of the word.  The biodiversity of our area is incredibily rich.   Our
country-side is a part of the "Viandante Trail", a magnificent trail
which has returned in "Vogue" and is part of the natural heritage of the
Lake Como area and Lombardy region. No-one can imagine the delights this trail has to offer without actually experiencing it for them-selves. As
you pass through olive groves, fields, river valleys some very suggestive antique buildings, castles and churches are perched on lofty heights.

One is spoilt for choice between these views and the continous
breathtaking views of Lake Como. The landscape around Maggiana is host
to many interesting animals, Salamanders, Kites, squirrels, Dormice and
nocturanal creatures such as Owls and Badgers. Woodpeckers are often
heard from the house and as you walk through the surrounding woodlands
and fields.  Even eagles descend from the high mountain peaks every now and again. Butterflies,spring primroses, heather, helleboro, are abundant from Spring onward. Beekeepers and their swarm's live locally and provide excellent pure honey and by-products. Another phenomenal natural event is the arrival of the fire flies, as they illuminate the fields by night.