Our Story
Us and the house

We are an Irish family and this is our Italian story.  

This house caught our eye whilst hiking one day along the famous "Viandante trail" that runs parallel to the full length of Lake Como. It was love at first sight.   

It had been neglected for many years and no-one dared to put a hand to restructuring it as it would have been an arduous ordeal to recover the former glory of the shell it was.

It was at least 200 years old and the copper insurance sign (very rare to find these days), still hanging on the dilapidated facade, told us that it once belonged to a very well-off farmer.  Only the more wealthy could afford insurance in the olden days.

Cigars and Wine

The owner was known as "The Tuscan" because he used to smoke Tuscan cigars. Hence La Ca' del Tuscan; La Casa del Tuscan; the Tuscan's House. The neighbours would gather around the old fireplace, as he was one of the few that had plentiful fuel (wood and wine) in Winter. 

The history of this house is very important to us, we have tried to maintain a style befitting the memory of its predecessors. Whilst refurbishing, we found some hidden gems; the farmer's perfectly intact hand-carved pipe, a small wooden whistle and some antique glass bottles barely measuring. They were found in the walls with the remanents of a long-gone dormouse nest. Most likely stolen by the dormouse and the "theft" blamed on some poor innocent that chanced to be there at the time they went missing. 

IMG_0387 2.jpg

It was a huge challenge and over the last six years we have been adding our personal touch to bring to you the perfect ambience for a relaxing and personalized break from it all.

Our first aim has been to astonish you and make you experinece the simplicity of how it once was, without depriving you of the comforts and style of now. 

The second, to try to recognise what our guests may be looking for when staying in a home such as this so that we could build it to be the place that we hope most people would love to stay in. So we would like to extend a big welcome to you in the Ca' del Tuscan; your home from home. It is important to us that you love it as much as we do.

Restoring the House

Slow Philosophy 

We like to define ourselves as "slow friendly". This concept is the opposite to "Fast food" "stress" and what most
people's modern lives have become.

We wish to embrace this concept, which includes "slow food", relaxation and some time dedicated to one-self
without watching the clock. In fact, you will find no clocks on the property.  You may even be tempted to turn your smart phone off.